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What Is Shock Wave Therapy?

Clashing against the name no electric shocks are involved in this treatment. Instead sound is the active ingredient in this innovative therapy. Acoustic waves delivered at speed are known as shock waves.

* High-pressure amplitudes characterise each acoustic wave in comparison with surrounding pressure. * 

This is technical babble for the sound is pushed through the skin at speed to create a pressure change within the treatment area.

This change in pressure wakes the bodies metabolism up and kick starts repair without damaging tissue. In the cases of weak calcification bonds, it will break these down selectively but again not harm the body (kidney stones is where a variation of this treatment has been successful & you will probably know someone who has had this therapy for these calcification rocks)

Our type of shock wave therapy is known as ESWT which differs slightly from the kinds of shock wave therapy used to break up kidney stones. 

In ESWT medical shock waves are created outside of the body and applied to targeted points under the skin without injuring the body's surface. 

This drumming stimulates tissues to heal and is one of the best treatment choices for the foot and ankle.

With little downtime and little risk, it truly is a great option.

Plantar Fasciitis can have a natural recovery when it is acute (less than four weeks old). However, the chronic case, over 4 weeks’ duration, often needs intervention to aid full recovery.

 If you have Plantar Fasciitis or heel pain for the first time and have had it for less than one months, follow the conservative protocol - HERE. 

If you don’t get adequate recovery from our free exercises, please contact us, and we will help you get a full diagnosis and advise you about treatment. 

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